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Jayden Seric

Open source

Creator of 49 GitHub projects & recent contributor to 4 including material-ui, zed & altair. My 36 npm packages exceeded 274.3 million installations over the past 12 months.

jaydenseric/apollo-upload-client GitHub repo thumbnail.


A terminating Apollo Link for Apollo Client that fetches a GraphQL multipart request if the GraphQL variables contain files (by default FileList, File, or Blob instances), or else fetches a regular…

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jaydenseric/graphql-upload GitHub repo thumbnail.


Middleware and an Upload scalar to add support for GraphQL multipart requests (file uploads via queries and mutations) to various Node.js GraphQL servers.

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jaydenseric/graphql-multipart-request-spec GitHub repo thumbnail.


A spec for GraphQL multipart form requests (file uploads).

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jaydenseric/graphql-react GitHub repo thumbnail.


A GraphQL client for React using modern context and hooks APIs that is lightweight (< 4 kB) but powerful; the first Relay and Apollo alternative with server side rendering.

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jaydenseric/ruck GitHub repo thumbnail.


Ruck is an open source buildless React web application framework for Deno.

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jaydenseric/next-graphql-react GitHub repo thumbnail.


A graphql-react integration for Next.js.

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jaydenseric/find-unused-exports GitHub repo thumbnail.


A Node.js CLI and equivalent JS API to find unused ECMAScript module exports in a project.

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jaydenseric/extract-files GitHub repo thumbnail.


A function to recursively extract files and their object paths within a value, replacing them with null in a deep clone without mutating the original value. FileList instances are treated as File i…

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jaydenseric/graphql-api-koa GitHub repo thumbnail.


GraphQL execution and error handling middleware written from scratch for Koa.

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jaydenseric/coverage-node GitHub repo thumbnail.


A simple CLI to run Node.js and report code coverage.

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jaydenseric/fake-tag GitHub repo thumbnail.


A fake template literal tag to trick syntax highlighters, linters and formatters into action.

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jaydenseric/next-server-context GitHub repo thumbnail.


A Next.js App or page decorator, React context object, and React hook to access Node.js HTTP server context when rendering components.

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jaydenseric/jsdoc-md GitHub repo thumbnail.


A Node.js CLI and equivalent JS API to analyze source JSDoc and generate documentation under a given heading in a markdown file (such as readme.md).

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jaydenseric/test-director GitHub repo thumbnail.


An ultra lightweight unit test director for Node.js.

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jaydenseric/device-agnostic-ui GitHub repo thumbnail.


Device agnostic styles, components & hooks for React apps.

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jaydenseric/snapshot-assertion GitHub repo thumbnail.


Asserts a string matches a snapshot saved in a file. An environment variable can be used to save rather than assert snapshots.

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jaydenseric/scroll-animator GitHub repo thumbnail.


Smart, lightweight functions to animate browser scroll.

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jaydenseric/nova-deno GitHub repo thumbnail.


A Nova editor extension that integrates the Deno JavaScript/TypeScript runtime and tools.

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jaydenseric/audit-age GitHub repo thumbnail.


A Node.js CLI and equivalent JS API to audit the age of installed production npm packages.

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jaydenseric/react-waterfall-render GitHub repo thumbnail.


Renders nested React components with asynchronous cached loading; useful for GraphQL clients and server side rendering.

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jaydenseric/babel-plugin-syntax-highlight GitHub repo thumbnail.


A Babel plugin that transforms the code contents of template literals lead by comments specifying a Prism.js language into syntax highlighted HTML.

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jaydenseric/google-static-maps-styler-query GitHub repo thumbnail.


Converts a Google Maps styler array to a Google Static Maps styler URL query string.

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jaydenseric/eslint-plugin-optimal-modules GitHub repo thumbnail.


An ESLint plugin to enforce optimal JavaScript module design.

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jaydenseric/disposable-directory GitHub repo thumbnail.


Asynchronously creates a disposable directory in the OS temporary directory that gets deleted after the callback is done or errors.

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jaydenseric/revertable-globals GitHub repo thumbnail.


Sets globals in a JavaScript environment that can be easily reverted to restore the original environment; useful for testing code that relies on the presence of certain globals.

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jaydenseric/class-name-prop GitHub repo thumbnail.


A lightweight utility function to create a React className prop value for multiple class names.

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jaydenseric/replace-stack-traces GitHub repo thumbnail.


A JavaScript function to replace error stack traces and following Node.js versions at any indent in a multiline string.

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My stack

I craft GraphQL APIs & device agnostic web apps that are beautiful inside & out, inventing the right tech if need be.

Superseded tech

Tech I’ve built big things with but is superseded in my stack.


I “dog food” all my own open source tech.